Loving unconditionally doesn’t make you a push over. Actually in my experience  it makes you quite the opposite.

Setting boundaries shows the most true form of love. How can you really love someone if you’re constantly allowing them to cheat themselves? If you’re allowing them to form a pattern of behavior that leads to poor choices and unhealthy relationships. It’s dishonest, and that is not love. Real love isn’t meant to be selfish.

You may want to sit down for this next thing I’m about to tell you.

I am not perfect.

Nope, Not even a little bit.

It’s okay, I was quite shocked when I found out as well.

We as humans are flawed. Flawed is not synonymous with unloved. It does not mean that we have to settle, or allow ourselves to be walked on. And despite the flaws we all have, we still hope beyond hope and love beyond reason. But loving beyond reason doesn’t mean settling for what we know to be wrong. The refusal to set boundaries based on the fear that our love may not be reciprocated is selfish. It’s horrendously self absorbed to allow things to happen out of fear.

So say no. Say yes. Be brave. Be fearless. Don’t just live with your flaws: love them. Love the flaws in others, but don’t allow them to cheat you or cheat themselves. It’s not fair. It turns perfectly rational, wonderful people into something dark and ugly, and that isn’t love.


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