Of Dogs and Negotiating Skills

Everyone should have a dog.
Unless you’re allergic, then don’t get a dog.

I have two.
Tucker, our lab, was adopted while W was up north. He didn’t believe that I had gotten a dog until he came home a month and a half later. (I can’t belive you- Awh look at his little ears!)

Our German Shorthaired Pointer Skeeter kind of came along the same way. I’ll set the scene.

K: Tucker needs a brother.
W: Nope. Not getting another dog.
K: (to Tucker) you’re going to be a big brother tomorrow!
W: (rolls eyes) No.

I have wonderful negotiating skills.

And then 24 hours later I came home with a wiggly, sassy GSP with the cutest nub tail you’ve ever seen.


He sleeps under the covers, steps directly on my head at night, and steals the burners off the stove.

You should get a dog.




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