So I realize as far as first blog posts go, mine was fairly heavy. This one will be lighter, I promise.

I’m Kendra! & I live in Alaska.
I love it. Every minute.
As I’m sure you gathered, I also love the sea. I love a lot of other things, too.

I have two dogs and a husband, w (technically fiance, but what real difference does a piece of paper make?). All three are naughty, & all three make me happier than I could ever imagine (W most of all).

I love writing. I love fishing. I love wine. & coffee.. & the Midwest.

I am originally from Wisconsin. I am so torn between this frozen tundra & the one I left behind. Obviously, in light of this information you will have guessed I am a cheesehead. Born & bred, proud to be.

I love rain boots & plaid shirts & the smell bon fires leave in your hair.

I wish I could garden because who doesn’t love a killer flower bed & some fresh produce?

I’m sure we’ll become better acquainted  as this project continues.

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Me

  1. if you have good sunlight, you could do straw bale gardening. I got a few beans. , one cucumber and several tomatoes and nasturtiums and zinnias


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